JP Ryan’s Camogie Club Vancouver

 The JP Ryan’s Camogie Club Vancouver was formed in 2011 with a vision of establishing a club where camogie can flourish, develop and be enjoyed by both Irish and non-Irish in Vancouver.  This vision has now transformed into a reality over the past four yNorth American Intermediate Camogie Champions 2015ears, and a successful camogie club has been established.

Today, as well as Irish, we have many nationalities playing camogie with the JP Ryan’s, namely Canadian, American and Australian. We welcome players of all abilities, from beginners to experienced players.

We participate in various tournaments throughout the year, including the Seattle Green Lakes Tournament, Vancouver Tournaments, Tacoma tournaments and the North American Championships.

2015 was the first year that the JP Ryan’s Camogie team entered into the North American Championships, which were held in Chicago that year. That team returned victorious as Intermediate Camogie Champions.

As we continue to develop, promote and expand our club, we encourage all players with an interest in playing camogie to contact the camogie club at

The JP Ryan’s Camogie Facebook group page will keep you up to date with training and game times (aswell as other club information).

North American Intermediate Camogie Champions 2015

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